Throwing game


  • 2 Fable Spins
  • 2 Fable joint modules
  • 4 wheels
  • 2 castor wheel
  • 2 hubs (dongle)
  • 2 throwing arms
  • 2 table tennis balls
  • 12 plastic cups  


Each team builds a robot that has wheels, castor wheel and a joint module with a throwing arm. Each team places their 6 plastic cups in their home field and then place their robot at the backline of their field.

Each team program their robot to be able to throw the ball and drive around.

The game

Each team should try to overturn the other teams cups by throwing the ball. For each cup they overturn they get 1 point. If you overturn one of your own cups (by driving into it) – the other team gets 1 point.


  • Each team can have more balls (it will increase the stress level).
  • It could be played as the Kubb game ( )where each team switches turns instead of throwing at the same time. Then a larger cup or something else is needed as the “king”.
  • Play the game as lowering battleships where you should have a wall in front of each group so the other team can’t see “the ships”.
  • The robots could also be build with a 3xy connector and then there should be a cup or basket mounted on the robot. Then the game should be about trying to hit the ball into the other team’s cup or basket.

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