Sword fighting robot


  • 2 Fable Spin
  • 1 Fable Joint
  • 1 Castor wheel
  • 1 Plow
  • Brick connector
  • Phone holder
  • 2 Wheels
  • Smart phone with Fable Face installed
  • Hub
  • Computer with Fable Blockly installed
  • Ball stand or other “sword”

Build and program a “sword fighting” robot. Start by building one of the Spins with wheels, castor wheel and plow. Then add the other Spin on top of the first one. Add the joint module siteways on the Spin that is on top of the other. Add the phone holder and the phone on top of the same Spin. Then on the joint module you add your “sword”. It can just be a ball stand or it can be a “sword” that your have 3D printet or you can just use cardboard.

See the video for inspiration.

You can add expression and colors on Fable Face when ever the sword hits its target.

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