Studies on Mars

For the teacher

This lesson plan is a mix of coding examples and individual assignments for the pupils to solve.
For each of the assignments there is a small movie, where the pupils can analyse the movement of the robot arm.

Analysing the task:

In the world of robot technology it is important to be able to analyse which tasks a robot should carry out and in which order the tasks/movements are carried out. Assignments 2, 5 and 6 are typical assignments where the pupil should see a video, analyse (and preferably write down) the movements and then translate them into the right programming for Fable.


  • Fable joint modules
  • Hubs (dongle)
  • Lids (from the boxes)
  • LEGO to build misc. test etc.
  • Possibly webcam
  • Smartphone with Fable Face (download from Google Play or App Store)

Subject: Maths and Technology in Physics

Year: 7th. – 9th. grade

Length: 5-6 lessons of 45 minutes


In this table you can find descriptions of each of the assignments and the underlying ideas:

Title Content Coding Difficulty
1: Accelerate the spaceship When rockets leave the Earth, they need to accelerate Loops, variables and maths blocks Medium – example included
2: Save the astronaut The astronaut needs to be saved outside of the spaceship Semiautomatic programming – use keys Easy

Own coding

3: Scanning the core samples Core samples from Mars have to be scanned Use of camera and variables and possibly Fable face Difficult

Example and exercise included

4: Scanning the core samples from the depot Core samples from Mars have to be scanned Use of camera and variables and possibly Fable face Difficult
5: Replace the oxygen tank Replace the oxygen tank Semiautomatic programming – use keys Easy

Own coding

6: Space trash Dispose of the trash as quickly as possible Logic and loops Medium

Own coding

7: Meteor storm Fable Face should scan the sky for meteors Loops within loops and an introduction to Fable Face and its possibilities Medium

Own coding

8: Docking Two robots should work together and be “joined together” Loops and data comparison Medium

Own coding

9: Shoot the meteors Two robots work together: One scanes the sky for meteors and the other loads the canon/scanner Loops within loops, variables, data collection Difficult

Own coding

Escape velocity

Save the astronaut

Scanning the core samples

Scanning the core samples from depot

Replace the oxygen tank

Take out the trash

Meteor storm


Shoot the meteors

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