The pupils have to write a programming, where the keys are used to control the robot arm with a table tennis ball, placed in the fork. The stand, where the ball should be placed, is put in a random place on the semicircle. The pupils have to move the arm as quickly as possible and with a high degree of precision. The task can be intensified with a competition, where the aim is to place the ball as quickly as possible on e.g. three different places.


To get going, the teacher must prepare the following:

  • The passive module
  • The joint module
  • The fork
  • A table tennis ball
  • The stand
  • A piece of A3 paper with a semicircle for placing the base (the base must på placed on the semicircle)

Subject: Maths

Grade: 8-9

Approximate time usage: 2 lessons (90 mins)


Teaching activities

In this assignment the students have to create a program, so they can control the arm with the four arrows on the keyboard. The arm have to move up, down, right and left. The programming below (fig. 2) is a suggestion, which have been tested, so that the optimal movement to the right or to the left is 3 degrees.

The higher the degrees, the less precision, and at a lower degree, the arm will move slower.

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