Fable Spin sees color


  • Fable Spin
  • Castor wheel
  • LEGO connector
  • Phone holder
  • Wheels
  • Smart phone with Fable Face installed
  • Hub
  • Computer with Fable Blockly installed
  • Tape in different color

You can make Fable Spin look for different colors using the sensors that is placed on the module.

First assemble the robot with the sensors facing down.

Add some colored tape on the floor.

Program the robot so that it reacts to the colors of the tape.

Ideas of what the robot should do:

  • Make it go backwards  and Spin around and drive forward again when it sees each different color
  • Make it say the color out loud (see how to add sounds here: shaperobotics.com/portfolio-item/add-sound/ )
  • Make Fable Spin change the color of the eyes into the same color as the color it detects
  • Make the Hub also change into that color

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