The students will learn to program the Fable robot. Fable is a robot that can be a social robot or simulate an industrial robot.


To get started with this learning process, the teacher is expected to have the following resources ready prior to teaching.

  • Fable robots (including the LEGO modules)
  • Laptops with the Fable software installed
  • Top plate with Fable holder
  • LEGO (for building the throwing arm)
  • Fable passive module
  • A ball

Teaching assignments

Throwing robot:

Using LEGO, the students must build a throwing arm for the Fable robot, which they will then program. They must then analyse the throw using software called “Logger Pro” from Vernier (which is not described in more detail in this process).

The students must build and program a robot that responds to motion, making use of the camera on the computer or a webcam.

Then they must program a surveillance robot that reacts to movement.

Social robot:

Students build Fable as a social robot with a mobile phone and the Fable Face app.


– Get Fable to wave

– Get Fable to laugh

– Get Fable to change mood using the app

There are pros and cons to handing out the “crib sheet” to your students.

See what fable can do in the following videos (for example, check out colour sorting at 1:31):


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