Robots that solve tasks in the industry

A get started course for pupils, who haven’t done a lot of work with robots and programming earlier. The pupils will get to know Fable, try their first coding, and will have their knowledge about robots and the use of robots linked to the real life. By using the slide show, this lesson plan should be easy to execute without any special pre knowledge on the teacher’s part.

After this lesson plan the pupils should be able to:

– Put together the Fable Robot, so its construction fits a specific task

– Program the Fable Robot to do a specific task

– Think through how the movement of the robot will be, by looking at the code

– Edit the program, so that it becomes more optimal

– Build and program the Fable Robot to perform the kind of tasks done in real factories

– Name and explain tasks, that robots perform in real life

– Use the right technical terms both written and spoken, and know the definitions

– Give and receive feedback in a design process

– Be a part of a dialogue with simple arguments about design choices for the robot

Subject and grade: Technological literacy – 5th and 6th grade


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