Build and program a robot butler


  • 1 -2 Fable Spin module
  • 2 joint modules
  • 2 wheels
  • 1 2xy
  • 1 4xy
  • 1 castor wheel
  • 1 plow
  • 1 hub (dongle)
  • 1 phone holder
  • 1 smartphone with Fable Face


Build a social robot that looks like the one on the picture. Program it to be a butler so it can drive around and wave with the “arms”.

  • The butler robot should be able to say hello and welcome to the “guests”
  • The butler robot should serve snacks from a bowl that it has attached to it’s “arm”
  • The expression on the Fable Face should be able to change
  • It should be able to detect objects and stop if there is an obstacle too close to the robot


There could be one Spin module more on top of the one that is driving but this should be mounted so the “torso” could turn around.

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