The pupils are able to explain geometric relations, calculate measurements and use the Pythagorean theorem.


  • Fable-robot
  • Computer
    Phone-holder (orange 3D-printed)
  • Laser pointer
  • Measuring tape
  • Protractor (can be in digital form for instance an app)
  • Chalk (for marking purposes)
  • Pen, paper and calculator
  • GeoGebra or a similar program

Subject & grade: Maths 8th – 9th grade

Length: 4-6 lessons


Teaching activities

The pupils work in groups of 2-4 people-

The Pythagorean theorem is written on the board along with the teaching goals, which the teacher go over with the class.

The pupils download and install the Fable software on their computers. Then the pupils are introduced to the software.

The pupils are divided into groups and each group is given a robot kit as well as the pupil handout.

The groups start working on the tasks. They have to model the robot, so it is able to hold a laser pointer. Please notice, that there are different ways of approaching and constructing this task.

The pupils program the robot, and complete the assignments.

Differentiated teaching can be done in several ways

  • The amount of guidance can be varied among the different groups.
  • Some groups can do more in depth work with GeoGebra.
  • There can be differentiated in the assignments, if it becomes clear, that a group doesn’t have time to do it all.

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