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Today the internet is something that we all take for granted. Everybody is always online and since the smartphone has entered the field – you have the whole world in your pocket! We can always look things up on Google or Wikipedia and become wiser.

But the catch is that it is so easy to become distracted by social media and such things that take away our attention from our physical surroundings.

What if the things itself could go on the internet and fill in the information that the “thing” miss. E.g. what if the refrigerator itself could go online and order new milk or butter or whatever we miss without us being disturbed.

There is already a lot of things that has a lot of “smartness” – e.g. a newer car has a lot of sensors that can assist us while driving – with things like; lane assist and adaptive cruise control.

We also have self-driving intelligent robot vacuum cleaners and robot lawn mowers, so we don’t have to think about that.

We have surveillance cameras that automatically turn on when it detects movement, and discretely warn us of uninvited guests in our homes.

Description of the project

The purpose of the project is that you, in groups, have to work with your very own “smart-home”.

You have to build and program one or more of the technologies, that will be in your smart home. If parts of your idea is impossible with the technology available, you have to make a prototype, and explain your thoughts behind it.

You can program an app, a homepage or the robot Fable.

When you are finished you must present both your product and a description of the process from idea to finished product. Furthermore you must make a 2-minute pitch, as to why your idea should be put into production or why an investor should put money into your idea (like “Dragon’s Den”)

Ideas you could work with:

  • A surveillance robot
  • A social robot in the home this robot would have many uses. Maybe you could imagine that this robot was the main computer/robot, that was connected to all the other things in the home, and would perform tasks like rolling the curtains up or down, turn the lights on or off, or maybe it was connected to your email and phone, so you could have various things read out loud to you, and it could help you answer them, it could turn the oven on or off, and the stove, coffee maker etc.
  • A stirring robot (to help you stir the pots and pans)
  • A pancake flipping robot
  • A tooth brushing robot
  • A hair washing robot
  • A robot to help you eat
  • A robot for hanging the laundry
  • A robot for shoe shining
  • A flower watering robot

You could try and watch this video for inspiration:

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