This example demonstrates how to make a simple pick and place robot


  • A stand
  • 2 passive modules
  • 1 3D-printed stand for a ball
  • 1 LEGO connector or another stand for a ball
  • 1 3D-printed ”picker-connector” (to pick up the ball)
  • 1 ball (table tennis)
  • 1 joint module Fable (the robot)
  • 1 USB Dongle


Task 1:

Construct the robot and set up an extra stand for the robot to place the ball. Note that it matters which way the joint module is rotated.

Task 2:

Program the robot to grab the ball placed on the one stand and move it to the other. The robot must then return the ball to the first stand and repeat the sequence.

Task 3:

Experiment with the program and the robot – try to make it more adaptive and autonomous.

For example, you can use the camera to detect when the ball is placed at A, after which the robot can start the sequence that moves the ball to B.

Happy programming :-)


We had a young student with us for a week who worked on a pick and place robot with a magnet.

See the document “another kind of pick and place”

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