Pick and place robot using a 5-bar linkage mechanism

My name is Jonas, I am 15 years old. I am in the 9th grade. During a week I was in a school-supported and supervised internship as a developer at Shape Robotics.

I have spent my week here building this robot, and making it work. It works by using something called a 5-bar linkage mechanism, which can be constructed with a saw, a 3D printer or a laser cutter.

The robot is programmed to move to six different locations. At one of the locations a glass is placed. On the remaining five locations, there are five metal rings. The robot starts by moving to the first location and pick up the first metal ring. It picks up the ring by using a magnet, which is placed at the end of the robot. When the first metal ring has been picked up, the robot has been programmed to move to the glass. Here it drops the metal ring, so it lands in the glass. Afterwards it moves to location number two and picks up another metal ring. Then it moves to the glass again, and drops the metal ring down there. This continues until it has picked up all five metal rings and put them in the glass.

See the video.

The mechanism consists of two set modules. The left and the right. These are the modules, that have been programmed to moved to the six different locations. The modules can be programmed to move on the y-axis and the x-axis. The movement of the modules control where the robot skeleton moves to. See more in the document.

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