In teams, students will build either a goalkeeper or a penalty kick robot. The framework for the project is very open so that students can independently gain experience with programming and robot kinematics by working through the problems they encounter along the way.


To get started with this project, the teacher should have the following tools ready prior to class:

  • Fable robots (including the LEGO module) 

  • Laptop PCs with the Fable software installed 

  • Fable set lid with holder 

  • LEGO 

  • Fable passive module 

  • A ball 

  • Paper/cardboard to make a goal 

Learning activities

The class is divided into two teams. One half will develop a kicking robot, and the other half will develop a goalkeeper. Each group should consist of 2-3 students. When the students have developed their program, the groups compete against one another. The activity can be carried out in the form of a tournament through which the best goalkeeper team and best penalty kick team are eventually found. It is important that the goalkeeper robot can be controlled by pressing the right or left arrow key, so the team can react to the kick. The team that develops the kicking robot should program it so that it is able to kick when one of the arrow keys is pressed. The students can develop different kinds of kicks, but each individual kick should be activated by pressing a specific arrow key once. Before students begin developing the robots, they must agree upon the size of the goal and the distance from the penalty kick area to the goal. The goal can be made out of cardboard or paper.

Subject & grade: Project, Grade 8-9

Duration: 2-4 lessons


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