Obstacle avoidance


  • Fable Spin
  • 2 wheels
  • 1 castor wheel
  • 1 plow
  • 1 hub (dongle)
  • 1 brick connector
  • 1 black phone holder
  • 1 smart phone with Fable Face installed
  • 1 computer with Fable Blockly installed


Build a Fable Spin robot with 2 wheels, a castor wheel, and a plow. Then program the robot to drive straight until it sees an obstacle in front of it. When it does, program the robot to stop and move back without colliding into the obstacle. Then have it turn a random angle and continue the process again. Feel free to alter this in your own way!
This can be used to simulate a robot vacuum cleaner, a robot lawn mower or a modern car with emergency brake.

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