Novel engineering: “Frode og alle de andre rødder”

Description of Novel Engineering:

Novel Engineering is a framework that can be used with most books, where there is a conflict or a challenge, that the characters of the book must solve.

It is when the pupils have to solve the challenges, that technology can be used.

This is a lesson plan based on working with the book ‘Frode og alle de andre rødder’ (Frode and all the other rascals) by beloved Danish author of children’s books, Ole Lund Kierkegaard. The parts relating directly to the Danish book is left untranslated, and this document serves more as a guideline on how to structure and carry out novel engineering, than an actual lesson plan for working with a particular book.


The pupils have to learn about character analysis and setting analysis. While the book is read, the pupils have to try and identify the problems or conflicts, they come across in the story. With the help of The Fable Robot, they must solve the conflict of the book, and their solution must be in accordance with the setting of the book.


  • Fable Robot with the various parts
  • A box filled with miscellaneous bits and pieces for building the solutions
  • Notepad or notebook for writing down ideas and conflicts as we go

Teaching activities

The task can be phrased more or less loosely. In the loosely phrased task the pupils have to pick the problem, that they want to solve. If you wish a more structured task, the teacher can pick a conflict, that the pupils have to solve.

Before the pupils start with identifying the conflicts in the book, they must have thoroughly acquainted themselves with the characters and the setting. The setting in the books can be a natural hurdle for the solution of the problem. E.g. in Frode og alle de andre rødder’the thief on the children’s scooter’ steal from a flat. Thus the solution have to be able to work in those surroundings.

After this the design process starts, where the pupils will receive feedback on their solutions, as the work progresses. Fable will be a part of this process. There is also the option of putting in more hurdles as the work goes on. In the end the solutions are presented.

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