Move the ball

Learning objectives

In the industry you often work with tools, that are manufactured for a very specific purpose. In this task, you have to manufacture two tools, that must be placed on the LEGO module on the Fable robots. The two robots have to, in conjunction, move the ball from the red line and unto the green line.


  • Two joint-modules
  • One passive module for one of the robot arms
  • Two of the Fable boards
  • LEGO-connecters
  • A table tennis ball
  • Path (A3 paper)
  • LEGO bricks


The robot and programming.

As mentioned the industry manufactures tools that are used to solve a very specific task. In this task, the two robot arms need to move the ball from the red line and unto the green line. The two arms should be controlled by using the function keys on your computer.

Difficult challenge: The task can also be solved by programming the robot to execute the task, without the need of controlling it by using the functions keys.


The more quickly you solve the task, the fewer points you will get. (1 point per second)

If the ball rolls outside the red sidelines, one penalty point will be given. In the end the amount of points for time used and the amount of penalty points given will be added up and a final score will be counted.

The winner is the one with the fewest amount of points.

Tips and tricks for programming

You need to make use of:

  • Actions
  • Senses

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