Laser canon

Learning objectives

You must control the robot, with the function keys, so that it can “hit” a precise target with the laser pointer.


  • A joint module
  • Laser pointer
  • Multi arm
  • Fable module boards
  • Shooting target (A3)


The robot and programming

In this task, you are working with a robot arm, that solves a “shooting task” with a laser pointer, as quickly as possible. You must shoot at different targets which will award a number of points, decided by the placement of the target. When your program is completed, you will have two minutes, to net as many points as possible.

The central targets:

If the laser “hits” within the green ring, one point is award, is the yellow ring hit two points will be awarded, and finally four points will be awarded if you manage to hit the red circle.

The right and left targets:

Hitting targets on these posters will award twice as many points.

You cannot be awarded points for hitting the same target to times in a row.

The targets should be placed at least two meters from the Fable robot. Afterwards you can try placing the targets at a distance of three meters.

Difficult challenge: The task can also be solved by programming the robot to execute the task, without the need of controlling it by using the functions keys.

Tips and tricks for programming

You need to make use of:

  • Actions
  • Senses (If you are controlling the arm manually)

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