Informatics: Project with robots

This is a project running over 6 modules, where the students make different projects with robots.

There is a focus on the system development process, and especially on the target group and the interaction with the robot and the target group, as well as tests with the target group, which must be documented on video. Furthermore they have to assess the innovative aspect of their product.

The first module is used for introduction of the Fable Robot.

In the following modules the students must draw up a case, build a robot or a mockup, which will be used for their project.


Module 1: Presentation of the Fable Robot

Module 2: Brainstorm on the use of robots

Module 3: Working on the product

Module 4: Continued working on the product

Module 5: User testing and further development

Module 6: Think out loud test og refleksions

PowerPoint show for presenting the project to the students, can be downloaded.

Moreover, the same presentation is made into a pdf, that can be printed and handed out to the students, if you so desire.


“The students made a lot of fun and interesting projects, e.g. a four-legged robot that was to carry a (light) bag for a user, used color cards to get the robot to change its mood or make a certain movement, games where it would toss table tennis balls to hit for instance a cup, and table tennis balls in different colors, that were put in their own bowl (sorting).

I was quite pleased with the Fable robot. I think it added several more aspects to the development of products e.g. the little steps between tests, and at the same time it has a very visual representation, that I think attracts a wider target group, and a lot of variation in the way it can be build. In addition I was positively surprised at how long the separate components held their charge. A lot them were not even charged during the project, even though I went through it with two classes at the same time.”
(Says a teacher from a danish Technological College)

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