Geometry by the centimetre


The pupils have to learn to program Fable to create geometric shapes. Furthermore they have to create a connection between the program and a physical shape, so that the pupils will be able to draw their shape with chalk on the ground/in the school yard and then get Fable to recreate the exact shape.

Before the project:

It is assumed that the pupils know how to add integers in the size of hundreds e.g. 130 + 224, and that the pupils know different geometric shapes and know the properties of these.


  • They know that a square has a right angle of 90 and the sum of the angels is 360ᵒ
  • That a circle has 360ᵒ
  • That the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180ᵒ

The pupils do not have to able to do math with these, but it is important that they know it to be able to solve the programming tasks correctly. It it also important that the teacher remembers this, and that he/she acts as a guide during the programming phase. Of course it also important, that the pupils have tried programming before, otherwise this needs to be taken into account while planning.


The following materials are needed for the project.

  • Fable Spin
  • Computer eller iPad with Fable Blockly installed
  • Measuring tape
  • Blackboard protractors
  • Blackboard compass
  • Blackboard ruler
  • Optionally: A box filled with miscellaneous bits and pieces, so the pupils have the opportunity to build, draw and model geometric shapes in different materials, only limited by their imagination.

Subject and class: Maths – 3rd grade

Length: 6 lessons 


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