Garbage sorting

Learning objective

In this task you will sort LEGO bricks by color. The robot must pick up the “garbage” in one of the corners (In this picture they are on the right side), and according to the color of the brick, it needs to be sorted into one of the three plastic cups. You must control the robot with the function keys on the computer. You must control the robot so that it can execute a rotational movement and subsequently drop the brick into the right cup.

This task requires precise programing and an arm, made of LEGO, that can hold and drop the bricks without missing the target.


  • Fable Joint-module
  • 1 passive module
  • LEGO bricks for the robot arm
  • Plastic cups or something similar for the “garbage”

Tips and tricks for programming

You need to make use of:

  • Actions
  • Senses
  • The wait in sec button

In this task it is important to program and attempt time and time again, and perhaps even reconstructing the robot arm. It is very important to make use of the “wait in sec” button, otherwise the movements can become forced.

Try to sort as many bricks as you can in two minutes.


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