The Fable robot is set to point in the direction of north, according to the input it gets from the magnetometer in the smartphone.


  • Dongle
  • Smartphone with Fable Face (get it from App Store or Google Play)
  • 2 passive modules
  • 2 joint modules
  • 1 phone holder
  • 1 lid


Set up the Fable robot as a social robot with 2 arms and the phone in the phone holder (watch the video).

Find out which way is north with a compass or google maps.

Program in Fable Blockly so it looks similar to this:

The magnetometer goes from 0 – 360 degrees but the Fable joint module only goes from -90 – 90 degrees. Therefore the robot is set so that the left arm goes from 0 – 180 and the left arm goes from 180 – 360, so that when you turn the robot around – first the one arm will move and then, if you turn it all the way around, the other arm will move.

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