The Fable robot is set to point in the direction of north, according to the input it gets from the magnetometer in the smartphone.


  • Hub (dongle)
  • Smartphone with Fable Face (get it from App Store or Google Play)
  • 2 passive modules
  • 2 joint modules
  • 1 phone holder
  • 1 lid
  • Computer with Fable Blockly installed


Set up the Fable robot as a social robot with 2 arms and the phone in the phone holder (watch the video).

Find out which way is north with a compass or google maps.

The magnetometer goes from 0 – 360 degrees but the Fable joint module only goes from -90 – 90 degrees. Therefore the robot is set so that the left arm goes from 0 – 180 and the left arm goes from 180 – 360, so that when you turn the robot around – first the one arm will move and then, if you turn it all the way around, the other arm will move.

This exercise would make great sense to do with our new Fable Spin. That exercise will available at a later point.

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