Physics A: Fable points north


  • Dongle
  • 2 Fable passive-modules
  • 2 Fable joint-modules
  • 1 lid
  • 1 phone-holder
  • 1 smartphone with Fable Face installed (download from App Store or Google Play)
  • Optionally 3D printed accessories (as to more easily see, where Fable points to)
  • Computer with Fable Blockly


In this project we will use the magnetometer or compass sensor, which is in a smartphone (Android or iOS).

You must build and program a robot to always point north (or another direction)

Start by watching this video (1min 25s):

First you must find out which way north is. This can be done by using a compass or to look it up on Google Maps, and finding a building you know. North is always up on the map, so by using it, you can approximately determine which way north is.

After that the next logical step is to monitor the output from the magnetometer (compass sensor) in the phone in Fable Blockly.

High school

Magnetism is a topic in Physics A.

Lessons: 2-3 modules (3 – 5 hours)


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