Cross-curricular project about light


The pupils must work with the electromagnetic spectrum, and gain an understanding of electromagnetic radiation as well as which energy the different wavelengths have.

Furthermore they should reach an understanding of, how the eye and brain transmits the wavelengths we perceive as light, to structures and images, as well as how radiation can damage our cells and thereby our health.

The pupils: Should program the Fable Robot to carry out different actions, controlled by light, through the webcam. The project is concluded with presentation in smaller groups, where positive feedback is given by the teacher and the students.


Overall learning goals for the project.

  • The pupil can program Fable to help answer their problem statement.
  • The pupil can use Fable as modelling to support their research
  • The pupil should learn to program the Fable robot to carry out different sequences, controlled by colour, through the webcam.
  • The pupil should learn to use sensors for controlling in their programming.
  • The pupil should be able to include their accumulated knowledge about programming and light in their modelling.
  • The pupil can present their projects to each other by using a media of their own choosing

To be able to attain this, the pupil should have worked with:

  • What light is. How it is produced and how it travels.
  • What colours are and how we perceive them.
  • How the eye sees light and how those data are transmitted to the brain.
  • How we can convert light to data.

Learning goals regarding programming

  • The pupil can program Fable to solve a chosen issue by using block structured programming, where the student learns about loops, debugging, logic (if … to…) and variables.
  • The pupil can use logic reasoning to find and correct mistakes in programs (or robots).

Subject and grade: Physics/chemistry, biology and technological literacy 7th and 8th grade.

Length: 6 weeks app. 30 lessons (number of lessons can be varied)


Teaching activities

The lesson plan itself is conceived as a cross-curricular project, where the subjects Physics/chemistry and technological literacy are brought into play. It is problem-oriented project, where the pupils have to devise a problem statement.

If you wish, you can include the project in the cross-curricular focus area The effect of radiation on the living conditions of living organisms.

The project is planned to take place in the span of 5-6 weeks, where the subjects work together and pool in their hours.  During the project the pupils can work individually, but optimally they will work in small groups of 2-3 persons, so the pupils are allowed the experience of discussing their innovative solutions and problem statements with a partner.

It is also important that the pupils during the project, participate in at least one scheduled guidance session with one or more of the teachers, but naturally the pupils will need continuous guidance, to help with their project.

In week 1 the pupils work with narrowing down their problem statements, by asking questions regarding knowledge and data, explanations and understanding, point of views and assessment. After writing down these questions they must complete writing down their issues and work questions with the help from their teacher.

In week 2-3 the teachers will be giving relevant lectures in technological literacy, biology, and physics/chemistry, that the pupils must include in their work.

In week 3 the pupils will start to work independently with their problem statements, with an opportunity for doing practical work, field studies, business visits etc.

In week 4-6 the pupils will work independently with researching their problem statements, along with continuous guidance from the their teacher/teachers. Finally the pupils will present their product to the rest of the class and/or other classes in the school.

The class will give each other feedback and evaluate the project and their own performance

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