Converting and reading speed and distance

with and without using the data logger in Fable


The pupils should learn to convert speed from metre per second (m/s) to kilometre per hour (km/h), by building a Fable robot on wheels. Furthermore, the pupils will try to 3D print new wheels for Fable, so afterwards, they can use their printed wheels, to add new values to their program. In addition, the pupils should use the Fable data logger, to read speeds and distances.


  • Fable spin
  • PC (with the Fable program installed)
  • Tape measure
  • Acces to 3D printer
  • A vernier caliper for measuring wheel size

Subject & class: Maths 7th – 8th grade

Length: Minimum 4 lessons (2×45 minutes) + print time for wheel


Teaching activities

As a preparation for the lesson plan, the teacher can do an ability grouping, both from a mathematical point of view, ability to cooperate as well as programming skill.

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