Introduction to the Fable Blockly software and the Fable robot’s basic movement functions.

Pupils develop confidence to programme the Fable robot.


To get started with this lesson plan, it is expected that the teacher has the following tools ready:

  • Fable robots (Joint) (with the accompanying LEGO-module)
  • Laptops with Fable Blockly installed
  • LEGO bricks 

Teaching activities

The pupils are divided into groups of 2-3 pupils, depending on the number of pupils, as well as how many robots are available.

It would be an advantage if the pupils have some knowledge about block-structured programming from either http://code.org or Scratch

Furthermore it would be great if ahead of this lesson plan the pupils have worked with terms such as:

  • ’Logic’ or conditions: if/then and if/else


Try using a “Makey Makey” and let the pupils use modelling clay, fruit or something similar as “buttons” (instead of arrows). For more information check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfQqh7iCcOU 


A joint recap in class, where the pupils present their results.

Furthermore the pupils have to fill in an individual self-evaluation sheet. This evaluation is to be used by the pupils themselves, but could also be used by the teacher, when planning future lessons.

  • Think also how a formative assessment could be included as part of the lesson.

Subject: Math and science

Grade: 5

Duration: 2 – 4 lessons


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