Rover Robot


  • 1-2 Fable Spin
  • 1 Joint module
  • 2 wheels 
  • 1 castor wheel
  • 1 3xy connector
  • 1 hub (dongle)
  • 1 multi connector
  • Arm/gripper to take a sample (build in LEGO or 3D printed)
  • GoPro camera (for exam the surface)


The pupils should build a rover robot that can be sent out and collect information about the surroundings (e.g. a planet). The robot should collect its information via sensors. It can be the sensors in the Spin module or from a camera. 


  • Get the sensors to react to a specific color
  • Get the sensors to react to intentensy of light
  • Get the sensors to drive towards the light
  • Get the IR sensor to get a message (from another Spin module)
  • Get the sensors to react to movement (gesture)
  • Get the joint module to collect a sample
  • Get the robot to react to input from a camera (GoPro)

The pupils could read about:

A Mars Rover: 

Nasa’s new Insight from november 2018:


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