A robot that drives through a maze


  • Fable Spin
  • 2 wheels
  • 1 castor wheel
  • 1 hub (dongle)
  • LEGO Duplo or cardboard or books to use to build a maze


Build a maze with LEGO Duplo or books or cardboard or what you have. Make sure that the space between the walls are big enough, so that the robot can drive past without bumping into it while driving (besides when it actually drives into a wall).

Build the Fable Spin with wheels and the castor wheel.

Program Fable Spin so it can drive and solve the maze.


  • Programme the Fable robot so it runs on it’s own (so you can’t control it with arrow keys or phone)
  • Use colors to get it to turn left or right using the color sensor
  • Let one group of pupils build or draw a maze that the other group should program their robot to drive through

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