We have been looking very much forward to launching this new  super cool Fable accessory – The Throwing Arm.

The Throwing Arm can be used for even more fun and engaging activities with the Fable robot(s). The Throwing Arm is made of fiberglass sheet which give the students the ability to develop and program a robot that can throw a ping pong ball.

Fable Robot Throwing Arm

See Fable Throwing Arm in action below: >>


The Throwing Arm can be purchased as a single item incl. a ping pong ball or as a set included a base 3D module and a 3D connector module.

You can also cut the Fable Throwing Arm yourself, by using the pdf-file we have saved on thingiverse.com as a guide . We are using 0,5 mm glass fiber material. You can also 3D print your own base for the Throwing Arm. We have made this part super easy for you with the model saved on thingiverse.com. Simply print the model and attach it on a Fable 3D connector module. See more details on thingiverse.com.

►► To get starting using the Fable Throwing Arm we have created some inspirational lesson material which can be obtained on our website for free.

If you want to buy any Fable accessories or want to know more about the assortment of Fable, please do not hesitate to contact your preferred reseller or contact us on hello@shaperobotics.com. You can also book a 30-day free trial of the Fable system, available in most European countries.

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