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How teaching robotics can tackle the lack of STEM skills in the UK - Part 2

Addressing the current STEM skills gap in the UK

Here at Shape Robotics we believe that learning STEM skills is much more than just attending class. It’s the integration and hands-on approach of several subject areas such as innovation, programming, robotics and real-world problem solving – building 21st century skills and STEM knowledge.

Robotics, just one of those areas has become an excellent example of how using technology in education (EdTech), can combine both mathematics and science subjects using a creative and innovative STEM approach.

The best part about teaching STEM skills is it has no age. From middle school to secondary school and all the way to university level, anyone with drive and curiosity can discover Fable and learn transferable programming skills they will later use to shape the world and fulfill real needs.

Why teach robotics?

  • Teaching robotics provides technical and interpersonal skills students need to meet current workforce demands, drive economic growth and solve what could be the world’s next big problems. These skills are helping nurture every child’s potential to be a leader, an innovator and an inspiration while becoming the critical thinkers and creative problem solvers of tomorrow.
  • Students who participate in robotics generally have a good attitude towards science overall. The hard skills students acquire while learning robotics are connected to programming, coding, science research, engineering and technology.
  • Robotics teaches soft skills like teamwork, collaboration, communication and leadership. All of these are beneficial when integrating in the workplace and help to establish interpersonal relationships.

Robotics inspires a lifetime love of learning, creativity and logical reasoning that are critical to success in an ever-changing workforce. Educational institutions are key players in introducing robotics to students in an engaging way and teaching skills that will be necessary in many of the jobs that today’s students will occupy.

The Fable learning system has been developed to encourage and assist both teachers and students every step of the way. Shape Robotics offers lesson plans and teaching materials that aligns with various national curriculum. This means that the process of integrating robotics into classrooms can be made easy for any school or teacher around the world.

By Diana Aldea

Disclaimer: This article was written by Shape Robotics for FE NEWS. You can also access the full article here:
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