Where it all began

The Fable story all began in 2011, at the Technical University of Denmark – just outside of Copenhagen.
Moises Pacheco partnered with and began collaboration with David Johan Christensen, an Associate Professor and Robot Researcher.

It became clear that Moises and David shared the same vision: To develop a robot system that was extremely easy-to-use – even for younger school pupils. The two developers were inspired by previous projects with modular robots that could repair themselves, as well as a project they had in progress with LEGO® which was to develop new, digital products. This became Moises’ Ph.D. project, and as the years passed interest in using Fable grew ever greater.

At the end of 2015, David, Moises and Helene Christensen, a project manager, set up the spin-out company Shape Robotics and Fable was ready for the market.

Their mission remains today: To make Fable as widely available as possible to students globally. This has been made possible with funding from the Technical University of Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Education – and they are well on their way.

The Technical University of Denmark is the largest, leading environment for training engineers and for technical-science research in the country. The Center for Playware, is a sector of the Technical University and is a leading research centre globally, working at the interface between play, learning, robot technology and artificial intelligence.

A close collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, and the Center for Undervisningsmidler (centre for teaching aids) at University College Absalon has ensured that Fable meets all of the the Danish education sector’s needs and requirements.

The Fable robotics system has since appeared on the top Microsoft Education Apps list and has also launched successfully with partners in the United Kingdom, USA, Italy, France and Mexico with more being added to the global list at a rapid pace.

It is just the beginning, and Fable has already come so far. We are looking forward to what the future holds for Fable and Education on an even larger, global scale.


  • 2011

    The Fable story began at the Technical University of Denmark

  • 2012-2014

    Research and Development


  • 2015

    Prototype validation

  • 2016

    Fable hit the market


  • 2018

    International Scaling

What our customers say

While working with Fable my students were able to develop comprehensive skills in robotics, programming and innovation.

Michael FynskAntvorskov Skole, Denmark

Fable enables kids with little digital literacy to quickly engage by building, coding and solving problems utilising robotics.

Graeme Wiggins, DirectorLatrobe University, Australien

With Fable, I realised that the students were able to set up more difficult issues that they have been very motivated to go on and solve.

Héoinn BjörnssonH.C. Ørsted Gymnasiet, Denmark

It only takes few minutes for students to assemble their first Fable robot – so they can quickly begin a productive learning process.

Kasper Stoy, Robotics Researcher and Founder of Flow Robotics

I found that the Fable robot is a good classroom system. It is intuitive, easy to set up and easy for the students to use.
It is also a system that grows with the students. Meaning that the students can further develop their programming skills and open new opportunities for their digital development.

Lars Christian Slyngborg, Science TeacherSct. Jørgens Skole, Denmark

We ordered the trial Fable kit to see if it would be easy to include it into our curriculum. We had been wanting to find a way to start robotics with our Y7 and Y8ʼs and Fable appealed to us.

We were thrilled when it arrived and we found it easy to get started. It was really well made and easy to put together. We also loved the blocky editor and found it easy to navigate round. It complimented the other work on blockly we had been doing. We set it up and got a few pupils to try it out. They got Fable to monitor movement, then wave and smile. The best thing though was the discussion between the pupils. The problem solving and thinking skills were a joy to witness.

We loved it so much we ordered a class set and havenʼt looked back.

Karen FlemingKeble Prep School, UK