Build robots in seconds

Fable allows students to materialise their ideas in no time and put them to the test. Fast to build and clean up, leaving more time for teaching.

Solve real problems

The use of Fable can elevate understanding of problem-solving techniques and eliminate the fear of failure for students.

Grows with the user

Fable makes robotics approachable and easy to learn. Use it in primary schools (8+ years of age), high schools, vocational schools and universities.

The Fable robot makes it fun and easy to teach 21st century skills and STEM

Fable is a modular construction system. Students can create their own robot in minutes. Students can assemble modules together in many different configurations. Build custom robot bodies, use the inbuilt sensors and program the robot’s movement.

Depending on experience level, students can program using visual blocks (Blockly) or a programming language (Python). After one lesson with Fable students can work toward solving real-world problems. Fable is appropriate for primary school (8+), secondary and higher education.

Fable is a modular construction system
that students can use to create their own robots.


Joint module with two strong actuators provide movement to the robots and can be programmed wirelessly.


4XY module with four magnetic couplings. With this module robust robots in many different configurations can quickly be constructed.


This Fork is one of several extension modules that you can also print on your own 3D printer.


This Brick adapter module enables you to extend your Fable robots with LEGO®.


Phone Holder that in a flexible way makes it easy to insert your smartphone into a robot (e.g. running the Fable Face app).


This Maze is an extension module that you can also print on your own 3D printer.


The Fable Face App gives your robot a programmable personality. Use the smartphone’s sensors to create advanced robots applications.


The Fable Hub (aka Dongle) ensures a wireless connection between the robot and a computer or tablet. The Hub connects with USB to the computer.

Fable consists of programmable modules. These have motors, sensors, batteries and are controlled wirelessly. Additionally, the system includes passive parts and accessories enabling many different robot configurations.

Students combine modules freely exploring untold possibilities and creating different types of robots. Some robots are pure imagination and build mostly for fun. Other robots are carefully designed and ready to solve real-life problems.

Endless possibilities
to create different types of robots

Students become engaged when they have a problem to solve.

Fable enables students to build and program robots to solve a particular problem.

User-friendly programming tools are crucial


Drag-and-drop programming makes it easy on anyone to start programming. Fable use the Blockly programming language and the application works on both PC and Mac.


The Fable Blockly interface includes simple data processing. Graphs and log files can be created for later analysis and processing, e.g. in MS Excel.


The Fable interface includes a Python editor for more advanced users. The visual block code is continuously translated into textual Python code to create learning scaffolding.


The Fable Blockly iPad App makes it easy and smooth to program Fable on a tablet.


The Fable Face App makes the smartphone an integrated part of the system. The emotions of the eyes can be programmed and the sensors in the phone can be used to create fun and advanced robots.


The Fable Blockly Chromebook App allows you to use the Fable system in any classroom!

Flexible programming tools enable you to differentiate teaching styles. This helps students gradually progress from the simple, visual, drag-and-drop programming using Blockly to more ellaborate forms of programming with Python.

The Fable application is divided into different levels depending on the students’ level of competence. A very simple visual programming using Blockly, more advanced visual also with Blockly programming, and finally text-based programming in Python.

Perform simple data processing: plot graphs or log data to files for later processing, e.g. in MS Excel.

Can’t get enough?
Here are even more features!

  • Fable is an open-ended system with advanced functionality
  • Encourages students to be both creative and innovative
  • Students build robot prototypes to meet needs in the real world
  • Interdisciplinary, across subjects and classes
  • Robust design, strong enough for rough treatment at school
  • Quality components with powerful motors and accurate sensors
  • No wires: wireless programming and rechargeable batteries
  • Strong magnetic connectors, easily clicked together
  • Fast to get ready and clear up, leaving more time for teaching
  • Fable has a unique open-ended construction system
  • Many activities, lesson plans and handouts available
  • Extend it with LEGO® and your own 3D-printed designs

A growing library of lesson plans and activity content

We support teachers and educators with a wide range of curriculum relevant educational material. We offer a great variety of STEM modeled lesson plans to use along with Fable.

Each lesson makes coding fun, educational and exciting for your students.

What our customers say

While working with Fable my students were able to develop comprehensive skills in robotics, programming and innovation.

Michael FynskAntvorskov Skole, Denmark

Fable enables kids with little digital literacy to quickly engage by building, coding and solving problems utilising robotics.

Graeme Wiggins, DirectorLatrobe University, Australien

With Fable, I realised that the students were able to set up more difficult issues that they have been very motivated to go on and solve.

Héoinn BjörnssonH.C. Ørsted Gymnasiet, Denmark

It only takes few minutes for students to assemble their first Fable robot – so they can quickly begin a productive learning process.

Kasper StoyRobotics Researcher and Founder of Flow Robotics

I found that the Fable robot is a good classroom system. It is intuitive, easy to set up and easy for the students to use.
It is also a system that grows with the students. Meaning that the students can further develop their programming skills and open new opportunities for their digital development.

Lars Christian Slyngborg, Science TeacherSct. Jørgens Skole, Denmark

We ordered the trial Fable kit to see if it would be easy to include it into our curriculum. We had been wanting to find a way to start robotics with our Y7 and Y8ʼs and Fable appealed to us.
We were thrilled when it arrived and we found it easy to get started. It was really well made and easy to put together. We also loved the blocky editor and found it easy to navigate round. It complimented the other work on blockly we had been doing. We set it up and got a few pupils to try it out. They got Fable to monitor movement, then wave and smile. The best thing though was the discussion between the pupils. The problem solving and thinking skills were a joy to witness.
We loved it so much we ordered a class set and havenʼt looked back.

Karen FlemingKeble Prep School, UK

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